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Read All About It. . . NordicTrack and iFit in the Press

Forbes recently featured a great article that gave accolades to both NordicTrack and iFit for quality and performance.

It's worth reading the whole article. Below are some of the excellent quotes.

"Most recently, NordicTrack has redefined its entire lineup with the addition of the iFit technology platform and its Global Workouts. Basically, there are three elements to this, a slew of live classes you can do anytime on demand, and “traveling” workouts that take you on a virtual - but vey realistic - journey to exotic locales, like hiking through Patagonia or trail running in Iceland. What makes these so impressive is the high production values. Instead of computer-generated landscapes, these are more like TV travel shows, filmed with the same real instructors actually going to these destinations and leading the hikes or other activities live."

"The array of workout choices is staggering, but so is the array of machines. No competitor has a product line this broad, and unlike other companies offering online classes that specialize in one or two types of workouts, NordicTrack makes everything, and one iFit subscription covers them all: treadmills, rowing machines, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, incline trainers and even the groundbreaking Fusion CST, a new multi-station home gym that offers a huge slate of strength training options but uses Silent Magnetic Resistance and flywheels to eliminate clanging weights."

"...NordicTrack has a long reputation for offering a lot of bang for the buck and in recent years, several of its models have been singled out by Consumer Reports Magazine as Best Buys or Recommended Buys in their categories. I’ve used a lot of different fitness equipment over the years, and it is hard to imagine more features and better quality per dollar than this offers. Thanks to the iFit platform, I think the same is true of the entire NordicTrack lineup. "

Apple News also recently featured an article in The Wall Street Journal, and our iFit, NordicTrack and ProForm brands are included. Click here to read the article.